How to keep your dog happy and healthy

How to keep your dog happy and healthy2018-10-22T17:56:16+00:00
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There was a time when having a dog in the house was very much confined to a certain sector of people in society. Times have changed, and people have changed. Now pets being considered and the member of the family, it is mandatory for everyone to ensure that it stays healthy and as well as happy.

Having a dog in the house is a lot more than just taking it for walks and feeding them regularly. Make it a point to ensure their happiness and health.

Here are some tips for a dog to stay happy and healthy

Exercise – A Active living

Physical activity for a dog is a must when it comes to the health of a dog. The physical activity may vary from the common daily walks to the hardest agility training. One important that everyone needs to understand is that when it comes to dogs and physical activity, it necessarily does not mean that you must always go for the hard ones. Even the simplest things like regular morning walks have a huge impact.


A fresh mind – The Big Boost

Dogs, in general, are considered to one of the most intelligent creatures. As they have accepted you as their leader of the pack they expect you provide them something new in regular intervals for them to explore. They also consider this as an opportunity to experience something new and test their abilities.

Training them with new tricks also helps you to have a better connection with them. It really doesn’t matter whether they are able to pick up the trick or not. To indulge in new activities is something they always look forward to.

Regular Care – The undeniable

Regular care is one of the basic things that need to practiced to ensure a happy and healthy living of your dog. It is a well-known fact that dogs cannot communicate with us directly to let us that it is going through some sickness or abnormalities. As a pet parent, it is mandatory for us to know what it is going through.

The overall care begins with feeding healthy and regular food. Regular checkups with a veterinary doctor are also one of the must do to be practiced.

The Nutrition Needs – No second thoughts

As a pet parent, if we want to be a bit more confident about the health of our dogs, this is one step where you can go that extra mile.


But this, not the easy one to proceed, just like that. One needs reliable information regarding the dog and the nutrition that it requires. With proper information from professionals, the can be fed with the right food with the required nutrition

Love – Strengthens the Bond

It is one of the important aspects when it comes to pet care that you cannot afford to fall back. To make your pet knows that it holds a very special and important place in your heart is very important. This does have a huge impact on the bond that you share with it.

Spending enough time with them on a daily basis and giving the attention it deserves are some the practices that need to be cultivated.

The above mentioned are some simple practices that can be followed to have a healthier and happier dog.

How to know if your dog is sick2018-10-09T11:31:19+00:00
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“With a lot of power comes great responsibilities.” Well when it comes to responsibilities, it just cannot be associated only with power. Even with a pet in your house comes great responsibilities.

A pet in your house is not just about bragging about it, taking it to morning walks or taking selfies with it and posting it social media. It is the basic responsibility of a pet parent to make sure that the pet stays hale and healthy. No wants their pet to be sick and go through a rough phase. But, the bitter truth is that the pets won’t be able to communicate with us directly and let know what they are going through. It is up to recognize certain abnormalities with them and take the necessary steps.

Here are some signs with which you jump to the conclusion that your dog is sick

Drooling and Bad Breath

The important and the most explicit signs that you need to notice are drooling and bad breath. This indicates that your pet is not normal.


Urination and excessive drinking

You might think that with the increase in fluid consumption, there is also an increase in the urination and it is very normal. But that is really not the case. The excessive consumption of fluid is due to the dryness in the body, and the consumed fluid does not stay in the body. This is also an indication that your dog is not normal.

Change of Appetite

There are actually two types of appetite change. Increase in the amount of food consumption or decrease in the amount of food consumption. If your dog goes through any one of these changes, it indicates that your dog is not normal.

Activity Level

The regular change would be a considerable decrease in the normal activity levels. But there certain instances where there is a notable amount of increase in the activity levels. Anyone of these signs is a hint for you take things seriously in terms of your dog’s health.

Sudden weight loss or gain

It might be a common one, but it is something that you cannot afford to skip. A sudden weight loss or a gain is due to the excessive or inadequate consumption of food. Don’t ever feel good or happy when the dog consumes a lot of food. It is an indication that something is not normal.

Sleeping long hours

Sleeping long hours might sound like a very common thing to happen. We, humans, sleep longs hours because of a few things. The common reason is us being crazy, and the other reason include being jobless or being sick. But this is not the case when it comes to dogs. Dogs are generally very active animals, and if there is a considerable increase in their sleeping hours, it needs to be given attention.

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Gone are the times when dogs or any other pets for that matter are considered as animals. Now in most of the household pets, especially puppies and dogs are being considered more of a family member. To have a friendly puppy around the house is one of the greatest things that could happen. And that too,  to have a properly trained dog at your house gives anyone the best experience of their life. To have a properly trained dog doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a lot of training at a very young stage when it was a puppy.

Here are some of the methods, how you can train a puppy.

Motivation- A Key Factor

The very moment you bring your puppy home, one of the first things that one needs to indulge is to make a personal connection to it. Like most of the other animals, dogs are pack animals that would love to have a leader and follow it. If you act like one that motivates him, then the rest is just a walk in the park.

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Consistency matters

One of the important factors for your puppy to have a proper connect with you is be clear and consistent. If your puppy does something right, make it a point to appreciate it. At the same time if it indulges in something that you are satisfied with making sure that it is not right and you are not happy with it.

Simple things like not be present in some specific spots of the house are some of the easy tasks that a dog can be trained in.

The bribe – Treats

Another way to encourage your puppy while doing good and making it a regular practice is to treat its favorite food. It need not be dog food, in particular, it can be something you dogs like the most. At the same time make it a point not to do this very often, as it would expect it regularly. The treats can also be replaced with hugs or handshakes.

Mistake- Better to be rectified

We as humans with 6 senses do commit mistakes. It is not a big surprise if a dog indulges in one. It definitely has no idea what it was doing.


It is very important to make it a point to make your puppy understand that what it did was something wrong. When you catch your dog red-handed, doing something that it is not supposed to do, make it a point not to hit it, at the same time convey that what it is doing or done is wrong by shouting at in a deep voice.

Your fondness- It counts a lot

Dogs and puppies are generally friendly and affectionate animals. Rather than being a commander who gives orders dogs gives more response to the person who is friendly. Make them feel that you are fond of it and you love it.

Simple things like feeding it properly, taking it for a walk and  giving it a hug after returning from work are some of the things that you make it a regular practice.