“With a lot of power comes great responsibilities.” Well when it comes to responsibilities, it just cannot be associated only with power. Even with a pet in your house comes great responsibilities.

A pet in your house is not just about bragging about it, taking it to morning walks or taking selfies with it and posting it social media. It is the basic responsibility of a pet parent to make sure that the pet stays hale and healthy. No wants their pet to be sick and go through a rough phase. But, the bitter truth is that the pets won’t be able to communicate with us directly and let know what they are going through. It is up to recognize certain abnormalities with them and take the necessary steps.

Here are some signs with which you jump to the conclusion that your dog is sick

Drooling and Bad Breath

The important and the most explicit signs that you need to notice are drooling and bad breath. This indicates that your pet is not normal.


Urination and excessive drinking

You might think that with the increase in fluid consumption, there is also an increase in the urination and it is very normal. But that is really not the case. The excessive consumption of fluid is due to the dryness in the body, and the consumed fluid does not stay in the body. This is also an indication that your dog is not normal.

Change of Appetite

There are actually two types of appetite change. Increase in the amount of food consumption or decrease in the amount of food consumption. If your dog goes through any one of these changes, it indicates that your dog is not normal.

Activity Level

The regular change would be a considerable decrease in the normal activity levels. But there certain instances where there is a notable amount of increase in the activity levels. Anyone of these signs is a hint for you take things seriously in terms of your dog’s health.

Sudden weight loss or gain

It might be a common one, but it is something that you cannot afford to skip. A sudden weight loss or a gain is due to the excessive or inadequate consumption of food. Don’t ever feel good or happy when the dog consumes a lot of food. It is an indication that something is not normal.

Sleeping long hours

Sleeping long hours might sound like a very common thing to happen. We, humans, sleep longs hours because of a few things. The common reason is us being crazy, and the other reason include being jobless or being sick. But this is not the case when it comes to dogs. Dogs are generally very active animals, and if there is a considerable increase in their sleeping hours, it needs to be given attention.