Gone are the times when dogs or any other pets for that matter are considered as animals. Now in most of the household pets, especially puppies and dogs are being considered more of a family member. To have a friendly puppy around the house is one of the greatest things that could happen. And that too,  to have a properly trained dog at your house gives anyone the best experience of their life. To have a properly trained dog doesn’t happen overnight. It needs a lot of training at a very young stage when it was a puppy.

Here are some of the methods, how you can train a puppy.

Motivation- A Key Factor

The very moment you bring your puppy home, one of the first things that one needs to indulge is to make a personal connection to it. Like most of the other animals, dogs are pack animals that would love to have a leader and follow it. If you act like one that motivates him, then the rest is just a walk in the park.

Black labrador

Consistency matters

One of the important factors for your puppy to have a proper connect with you is be clear and consistent. If your puppy does something right, make it a point to appreciate it. At the same time if it indulges in something that you are satisfied with making sure that it is not right and you are not happy with it.

Simple things like not be present in some specific spots of the house are some of the easy tasks that a dog can be trained in.

The bribe – Treats

Another way to encourage your puppy while doing good and making it a regular practice is to treat its favorite food. It need not be dog food, in particular, it can be something you dogs like the most. At the same time make it a point not to do this very often, as it would expect it regularly. The treats can also be replaced with hugs or handshakes.

Mistake- Better to be rectified

We as humans with 6 senses do commit mistakes. It is not a big surprise if a dog indulges in one. It definitely has no idea what it was doing.


It is very important to make it a point to make your puppy understand that what it did was something wrong. When you catch your dog red-handed, doing something that it is not supposed to do, make it a point not to hit it, at the same time convey that what it is doing or done is wrong by shouting at in a deep voice.

Your fondness- It counts a lot

Dogs and puppies are generally friendly and affectionate animals. Rather than being a commander who gives orders dogs gives more response to the person who is friendly. Make them feel that you are fond of it and you love it.

Simple things like feeding it properly, taking it for a walk and  giving it a hug after returning from work are some of the things that you make it a regular practice.