The age of Chinese culture is many thousand years. The culture, traditions and norms varies from city to city even from region to region. Literature, art, music, architecture, martial art, philosophy, religion, Language, food and clothes all are part of Culture.

According to my friend at newton water damage restorationthere are 5 official religions in china which are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. Any other religion apart of these 5 is considered as illegal in china. People of china speak Chinese but it varies (styles) from region to region.

Chinese greet formally with one another. The older one greet first at place. Handshake is common greeting. They never call each other by their first name until or unless other person doesn’t allow them to call by their first name. Otherwise they call by surname.

Like in other cultures, Chinese also give and take gifts but rules are change here. They love to gift food basket to each other but any cutting utensil should not be gifted to any one as it is considered to severing of relationship. Clocks, handkerchief, sandals and flowers shouldn’t be gifted as it is given on funerals. Don’t wrap up your gift in black, blue and white gift paper. Always offer gift with both hands and thrice time refusal before acceptance is sometimes practiced.

Chinese use chopsticks to eat food. They slurp their food which indicates that they are enjoying their food and food is too tasty. They never eat last piece of food from serving tray as it is considered bad manners. Always host start the food first. They don’t eat everything which is being offered. Don’t put bones in your food plate but put it in separate plate. Hold the bowl close to you mouth while eating food. Chinese take tea too. Their tea is different that is used in other countries. Chinese tea is also used as medicine and is also part of Chinese cuisine.